Exploring Beverly Real Estate: Quaint Neighborhoods and Vibrant Community

For a great opportunity on the North Shore that allows you convenience to public transportation into the city as well as affordability and high end niche neighborhoods and all your shopping and activity needs all rolled into one beautiful, quaint package, Beverly  Massachusetts is the place for you.

A town in the heart of Essex County that offers a walkable, large downtown area with amenities that fit every taste, 2 train stations to bring you into Boston or out to the suburbs, you would expect to find something likened to Somerville or Cambridge, but Beverly offers all that while giving you an atmosphere of rural living for all.

To start, you have the high end Beverly Farms area with a range of new and antique mansions that allow privacy, ocean views and space as well as ocean front properties. The space allows for growing families to expand into a larger space while still keeping the cost typically under $2 Mil. Then for others who are on a tight budget, there are areas of town that are walkable to downtown and offer condo and single family options that can even make the tightest of budgets feel like it’s possible to own something beautiful in a quality town.

Beverly is a very family oriented town with quality schools and plenty to do for growing families. Being so central, it offers a quick jaunt over to Salem to explore the many shops downtown there, or easy access to the Liberty Tree Mall as well as the nearby North Shore Mall. In Beverly, all your needs are met without having to travel more than 10 minutes out of town. All that said, you’re likely to never have to leave the convenience of Cabot and Rantoul streets that offer all the shopping needs you could imagine including a YMCA, high quality restaurants and shops and convenient parking along both streets as well as the connecting streets. But if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for on those 2 streets, before you leave town, take a run down Enon st. which offers 2 Shopping Plaza’s each offering a full sized grocery store, a few strip malls that include stores like Staples, Starbucks and other fast food options like Chipolte’, Jersy Mikes, etc.

I know, I keep going on about all that Beverly has to offer. You must think I’m lying about how rural and quaint it feels, but all that is concentrated on 3 streets. Enon st. is rt. 1A, which is a busy cut-through from places further north with access to 128 in Beverly. Both Cabot and Rantoul st. offer direct access to the bridge over to Salem and beyond. Pretty much all other parts of the city are reserved for residential living. Even those 3 streets are mixed zoning allowing for those who want a fully walkable experience to live right in the midst of everything Beverly has to offer typically at a very reasonable price.

So, for the Boston commuter, Beverly MA is a commuter’s dream. For someone who wants the feel of rural living while being conveniently close to all your wants and needs, Beverly Ma is your dream. For empty nesters, or families just starting out, Beverly MA has cul-de-sac neighborhoods that offer a range of tastes and budgets for all types of home buyers.

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